Bandoneonito - The bandoneon for children

The “Accademia Italiana del Bandoneon”,  in collaboration with the teacher Veronica Maccioni, proposes and finances — in line with its mission, aimed at the democratic diffusion of music — two bandoneon workshops, with an experimental character, aimed at primary public schools in the provinces of Cagliari and South Sardinia, with the important goal of spread the instrument among children. Important and fundamental support for the project comes from the Bandonion & Concertinafabrik Klingenthal A.A. which has made available a wonderful bandoneon specially designed for children.

“Bandoneonito — The bandoneon for children" is proposed as the starting point of a project which, in perspective, aims at the creation of new young bandoneonists as an important engine for the continuation and future development of the bandoneon.